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Guitar Pickups

When you are looking to make a dramatic change to your guitar’s sound, switching out the pickups is an excellent option because it can give new life to old instrument and transform a guitar you like playing into one you simply cannot put down. Music Toyz carries an impressive selection of electric guitar pickups, including tons of custom guitar pickups from popular manufacturers like Seymour Duncan and Bare Knuckle Pickups. From custom wound single coil pickups to humbuckers, Music Toyz is certain to have the guitar pickups that will give you the guitar tone you’ve been seeking.

Installing new pickups in your guitar requires significant knowledge of guitar electronics, so unless you’re certain you know your way around a soldering gun, you may want to take your axe to your local guitar technician. Additionally, some electric guitar pickups will necessitate changes to your guitar’s body so that the guitar can accommodate your new pickups. These changes could range from slight alterations to your pickguard to routing out the body of the guitar, especially if you are switching from a single coil pickup to humbuckers. However, nothing will make you enjoy playing more than a new set of custom guitar pickups. For 17 years, Music Toyz has helped guitarists be inspired to play more, and we know you’ll love your new sound! Check out our selection of guitar pickups today, and when you order online from Music Toyz, we offer FREE shipping on all US orders over $99!

Find the perfect pickups for your guitar? Check out our selection of guitar pedal boards to further expand your sound.

  • Seymour Duncan Jimi Hendrix Strat Guitar Pickup Set
    Seymour Duncan Jimi Hendrix Strat Guitar Pickup Set
    Summary In 1968 Jimi Hendrix played a Strat loaded with pickups hand-wound by Seymour. Fifty years later we are proud to share a piece of that history with you. Description On a chilly evening in March 1968, Jimi...
  • Suhr Thornbucker Guitar Humbucker Pickups in Black or Zebra
    Suhr Thornbucker Guitar Humbucker Pickups in Black or Zebra
    Thornbucker pickups are born out of a desire to give guitarists a humbucking pickup set that has all of the best attributes of the coveted 50's “patent applied for” style pickups… with none of the...
  • Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar Tele
    Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar Tele
    A vintage hot Tele® set with classic mid range grind, tight bass and characteristic bite in the high-end. Well suited to players looking for authentic Tele® tones with a distinct rock voice. Voiced entirely to...
  • Bare Knuckle Country Boy Tele
    Bare Knuckle Country Boy Tele
    Pure, refined vintage output Tele® coils with solid mid range and exceptional pick dynamics. Bass response is very controlled with great definition and the highs really sing with incredible Country Boy Telecaster®...
  • Bare Knuckle Irish Tour
    Bare Knuckle Irish Tour
    A true hot vintage wound set of single coils; warm highs, grinding mids and fat bottom end produce a massive powerhouse Strat tone. The Irish Tour single coils take the 42 AWG plain enamel wind to the max with a clarity and...
  • Van Zandt True Vintage - Telecaster
    Van Zandt True Vintage - Telecaster
    Built to capture the 50's and early 60's sound. Very mellow on front pickup with bright back pickup when mixed in center position gives both top end and bottom. W.L.'s favorite pickup of all pickups. He was a 50's tele...
  • Van Zandt Blues
    Van Zandt Blues
    REVERB $59 per single  Built to capture the blues sound This pickup is attack sensitive and responds to very light pick attack, as well as having a lot of snap  with a heavy attack. Can be mellow or bright...
  • Van Zandt True Vintage
    Van Zandt True Vintage
    REVERB $59 per single $175 SET Built to capture the sound of 50's to early 60's strat A little bright with mid-tones W.L.'s favorite strat pickup Good for Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock-a-billy...