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Bare Knuckle Pickups

  • Bare Knuckle Slow Hand Strat Set
    Bare Knuckle Slow Hand Strat Set
    A higher output vintage Strat set with modern edge to the voicing for a more driven tone and increased midrange presence over vintage spec pickups. The Slow Hand set of calibrated single coils use hand bevelled Alnico V...
  • Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar Tele
    Bare Knuckle Brown Sugar Tele
    A vintage hot Tele® set with classic mid range grind, tight bass and characteristic bite in the high-end. Well suited to players looking for authentic Tele® tones with a distinct rock voice. Voiced entirely to...
  • Bare Knuckle Country Boy Tele
    Bare Knuckle Country Boy Tele
    Pure, refined vintage output Tele® coils with solid mid range and exceptional pick dynamics. Bass response is very controlled with great definition and the highs really sing with incredible Country Boy Telecaster®...
  • Bare Knuckle Mothers Milk
    Bare Knuckle Mothers Milk
    A bright and punchy mid '60s voiced Strat coil set; solid bass response and a dynamic, woody character with fantastic snap in the high-end. The Mother's Milk single coils are a combination of the larger diameter Alnico V...
  • Bare Knuckle Irish Tour
    Bare Knuckle Irish Tour
    A true hot vintage wound set of single coils; warm highs, grinding mids and fat bottom end produce a massive powerhouse Strat tone. The Irish Tour single coils take the 42 AWG plain enamel wind to the max with a clarity and...