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Dimarzio Pickups

  • DiMarzio Air Classic - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Air Classic - Humbucker
    We love the sound of late 1950s humbuckers, but we didn't want to simply imitate them by using Alnico 2 or “aged” Alnico 5 magnets. Airbucker™ technology was created to capture all of the best sonic...
  • DiMarzio Air Norton - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Air Norton - Humbucker
    The Air Norton™ started out simply to be the Airbucker™ version of the Norton®. We thought it would make a distinctive-sounding bridge pickup with high-gain amps, but we soon discovered that it’s a...
  • DiMarzio Air Norton - Strat
    DiMarzio Air Norton - Strat
    The Air Norton S™ is the Strat® replacement version of the full-sizeAir Norton™. It’s warm sounding, very well balanced, and has the same unique tonal characteristics as the original. The original Air...
  • DiMarzio Air Zone - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Air Zone - Humbucker
    The best way to describe the Air Zone™ is to say it’s a vintage version of The Tone Zone®. It’s got the same low string-pull as our other Airbuckers™ for singing sustain, plus it has the big bass...
  • DiMarzio Area 58 - Strat
    DiMarzio Area 58 - Strat
    There are two major differences between a great vintage Strat® pickup and an average one: treble response and dynamics. A great pickup is clear and bright, but not thin-sounding. A great one makes the sound jump out of...
  • DiMarzio Area 61 - Strat
    DiMarzio Area 61 - Strat
    DiMarzio® has been working on serious vintage single-coil design with no hum for twelve years. Our goal has always been to capture the best qualities of pickups we heard from the 1950s and early 60s. We’ve played...
  • DiMarzio Area 67 - Strat
    DiMarzio Area 67 - Strat
    The Monterey Pop Festival of 1967 was a watershed event in American music. When it was over, the world had heard and felt the sound of a Strat® in the hands of a master. Single-coils in 1967 were bright and very clean...
  • DiMarzio Area T - Tele
    DiMarzio Area T - Tele
    We believe the Area 58™ and Area 61™ are a major step forward in the performance of hum-canceling Strat® replacement pickups. The research and technology that went into these models...
  • DiMarzio Bluesbucker - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Bluesbucker - Humbucker
    And now for something completely different: the Bluesbucker® looks like a standard humbucker, but sounds like a P90 and cancels 60-cycle hum as effectively as the average humbucker. This means any guitar with standard...