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Dimarzio Pickups

  • DiMarzio Super Distortion - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Super Distortion - Humbucker
    This pickup started a sound revolution. Replacement pickups simply didn’t exist before the invention of the Super Distortion® in the early Seventies. The Super Distortion® (and its original...
  • DiMarzio Super 3 - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Super 3 - Humbucker
    Think of the Super 3™ as a Super Distortion® with more mid-range grind and chopped treble. If you play your amp with scooped mids and intense overdrive, this is your pickup. The Super 3™...
  • DiMarzio Super 2 - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Super 2 - Humbucker
    If you love the sound of a Super Distortion® in the bridge and you like hot neck pickups too, try a Super 2™. The Super 2™ takes the classic Super Distortion® sound and slides the EQ up in favor...
  • DiMarzio X2N - Humbucker
    DiMarzio X2N - Humbucker
    The X2N® is a “take-no-prisoners, in-your-face” humbucker. Twin, wide-bar pole pieces give the X2N® a nasty, dangerous look — and rightly so. Our highest gain pickup was created to push tube amps...
  • DiMarzio Tone Zone - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Tone Zone - Humbucker
    Have you ever heard a bridge pickup that made a guitar sound like a giant mosquito attack? If you’ve run into this problem, The Tone Zone® is the solution. The Tone Zone® is hot enough to qualify as a...
  • DiMarzio Air Zone - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Air Zone - Humbucker
    The best way to describe the Air Zone™ is to say it’s a vintage version of The Tone Zone®. It’s got the same low string-pull as our other Airbuckers™ for singing sustain, plus it has the big bass...
  • DiMarzio Air Norton - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Air Norton - Humbucker
    The Air Norton™ started out simply to be the Airbucker™ version of the Norton®. We thought it would make a distinctive-sounding bridge pickup with high-gain amps, but we soon discovered that it’s a...
  • DiMarzio Breed - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Breed - Humbucker
    If you’re a fan of Steve Vai, you’ve probably seen him playing an Ibanez® Jem guitar with the word “Pogo” taped on the face. Steve wanted one of his instruments to have a fat, classic humbucker...
  • DiMarzio Evolution - Humbucker
    DiMarzio Evolution - Humbucker
    The Evolution® Neck and Bridge humbuckers are the result of two years of research to come up with the right sound for a very demanding player: Steve Vai and his Ibanez® Jems. Both pickups are designed for...