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Dimarzio Strat Pickups

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  • DiMarzio Cruiser - Strat
    DiMarzio Cruiser - Strat
    If you’re a serious traditional Strat® player, you probably won’t want to know about pickups with side-by-side coils. But if you’re the player who’s up for something more modern with no 60-cycle...
  • DiMarzio Tone Zone S - Strat
    DiMarzio Tone Zone S - Strat
    The Tone Zone® S brings the famous performance of The Tone Zone® to a humbucking Strat® replacement pickup. We’ve built in the tremendous mid-range and bass response of the original Tone...
  • DiMarzio Super Distortion S - Strat
    DiMarzio Super Distortion S - Strat
    The Super Distortion® S offers the performance of the famous Super Distortion® in a humbucking Strat® bridge direct replacement-size pickup. We've built in the same blend of power and tone that made the...
  • DiMarzio Pro Track - Strat
    DiMarzio Pro Track - Strat
    It’s warm, it’s friendly, it sounds like a vintage PAF® and will drop right into your Strat®. The Pro Track™ has enough power for any pickup position, and the twin black blades mean there...
  • DiMarzio HS-4 - Strat
    DiMarzio HS-4 - Strat
    The HS-4™ is the vintage magnet-stagger version of the HS-3™. While there is obviously a strong resemblance to the HS-3™, the vintage stagger recreates the string-balance of single-coils from the 50s,...
  • DiMarzio HS-3 - Strat
    DiMarzio HS-3 - Strat
    The HS-3™ has been the weapon of choice for Strat®-powered classical metal since the early 1980s. Far from being a high-output monster, the HS-3™ is actually a smooth and relatively quiet pickup that produces...
  • DiMarzio HS-2 - Strat
    DiMarzio HS-2 - Strat
    The HS-2™ has history behind it. The HS™ series were the first humbucking Strat® replacement pickups we made in the early 1980s. Since then, the HS-2™ has become popular for two distinct qualities: in...
  • DiMarzio Fast Track 2 - Strat
    DiMarzio Fast Track 2 - Strat
    It’s not any bigger than a single-coil pickup, but the sound of the Fast Track 2™ puts it right in the wide open, “everything-on-11” school. It’s got three times the output of an average...
  • DiMarzio Fast Track 1 - Strat
    DiMarzio Fast Track 1 - Strat
    The Fast Track 1™ is hotter and more muscular than The Cruiser®, but it’s still very bright and clean sounding — not at all like a full-size humbucker. The dual-blade continuous magnetic field creates...

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