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Van Zandt Pickups

  • Van Zandt True Vintage - Telecaster
    Van Zandt True Vintage - Telecaster
    Built to capture the 50's and early 60's sound. Very mellow on front pickup with bright back pickup when mixed in center position gives both top end and bottom. W.L.'s favorite pickup of all pickups. He was a 50's tele...
  • Van Zandt Rock
    Van Zandt Rock
    REVERB $59 per single  Built for rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock. Has a lot of top end and growl to allow for overdrive of amp or distortion box. Good for Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock...
  • Van Zandt Blues
    Van Zandt Blues
    REVERB $59 per single  Built to capture the blues sound This pickup is attack sensitive and responds to very light pick attack, as well as having a lot of snap  with a heavy attack. Can be mellow or bright...
  • Van Zandt True Vintage
    Van Zandt True Vintage
    REVERB $59 per single $175 SET Built to capture the sound of 50's to early 60's strat A little bright with mid-tones W.L.'s favorite strat pickup Good for Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock-a-billy...
  • Van Zandt Vintage Plus
    Van Zandt Vintage Plus
    Built to capture the 60's strat sounds Good all around sound with highs, mids, and lows Excellent for American Standard replacement Good for Country, Blues, and Rock. REVERB $59 per single $175...
  • Van Zandt Vintage Plus - Telecaster
    Van Zandt Vintage Plus - Telecaster
    REVERB $59 per single $119 SET Built to capture the 60's tele sound Just a tad brighter on the bridge than the True Vintage and a little darker on the neck. Great replacement for American Standard pickup, a good all...
  • Van Zandt TruBucker Vintage
    Van Zandt TruBucker Vintage
    Built to capture the vintage Les Paul, 335 and other guitars that used the PAF pickups. Vintage sound with just a little more output than the originals. Lots of top end and bottom. Very attack sensitive. Good for Rock,...
  • Van Zandt TruBucker Coil Tap
    Van Zandt TruBucker Coil Tap
    Built to allow front and back coil of pickups to be split and used as single coils with switching. This switching allows a variation of sounds from this pickup which goes from a full blown humbucking sound to a split sound...