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Black Cat Pedals

Founded in 1993 by the original Fred Bonte, who I would call orders into old school ! I mean old school his mother would answer the phone while she made dinner ! Black Cat going on 25 years of making GREAT guitar pedals in the USA, with great tone and price ! Black Cat Pedals is one of the oldest and most distinguished brands of boutique guitar effects. Black Cat users have included Eric Johnson, Billy F. Gibbons, Trey Anastasio (Phish), J Mascis, Scott Henderson, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Elliott Randall, and countless others.

Black Cat just have that rock-n-roll vibe in everything they do ! It's about the tone, it's about the look, these are BAD ASS guitar pedals ! Black Cat Pedals are all hand-built in the USA. We use premium through-hole components, selected for the finest tone (no SMD). We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts by using PCB-mounted pots and jacks. We employ skilled craftsmen with years of experience using traditional time-honored techniques. And our products reflect the kind of hard work, integrity and ingenuity that our country was built upon… Born in Texas, schooled in the Northeast; nothing’s more American than Black Cat Pedals!

  • Black Cat D&S guitar pedal
    Black Cat D&S guitar pedal
    Black Cat D&S Distortion and Sustain monster gain guitar pedal -  Like the Bee Buzz, the Black Cat D&S began as a request from our Japanese distributor, who asked us to make a custom replica of the Ibanez/Maxon...
  • Black Cat OD-Fuzz guitar pedal
    Black Cat OD-Fuzz guitar pedal
    The Black Cat OD-Fuzz is a versatile, two-channel distortion/fuzz box that combines the Black Cat OD-1 with a traditional silicon Fuzz Face in one pedal. Each channel of the OD-Fuzz has its own set of controls with...
  • Black Cat Bee Buzz Fuzz guitar pedal
    Black Cat Bee Buzz Fuzz guitar pedal
    The Black Cat Bee Buzz is our version of the original Roland Bee Baa, one of the classic icons of great vintage fuzz pedals. The Bee Buzz began as a Custom Shop project at the request of our Japanese distributor, who...
  • Black Cat OD-1 Guitar Pedal
    Black Cat OD-1 Guitar Pedal
    The Black Cat OD-1 (a.k.a. Freddie Fuzz) is an original design Fred created based on the unique properties of the OP275, a dual operational amplifier chip made by Analog Devices. The OP275 is a high-quality op-amp that gives...