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EMMA Pedals

  • EMMA TransMORGrifier Compressor
    EMMA TransMORGrifier Compressor
    BRAND NEW AND IN THE BOX !  The working musician has always needed several compressors in their arsenal to be prepared for any playing situation. The TransMORGrifier solves this problem by incorporating the best...
    $219.95 $149.95
  • EMMA OnoMATOpoeia OM-1
    EMMA OnoMATOpoeia OM-1
    BRAND NEW IN THE BOX A unique booster/ overdrive pedal, that can be used to raise the volume of an instrument to a higher or “solo” level. Because of the addition of a gain control it also can be used to distort the...
    $243.75 $149.95
  • Emma Stinkbug Blues Overdrive
    Emma Stinkbug Blues Overdrive
    BRAND NEW AND IN THE BOX !  We wanted to make a great ‘classic’ overdrive, that have the best of what's out there, but keeps the body and character of the guitar intact. We worked really hard on getting the mids to...
    $243.75 $149.95