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  • JHS Haunting Mids Guitar Pedal
    JHS Haunting Mids Guitar Pedal
    Haunting Mids provides you with the big fat honk in your tone. That killer fat spongy mid tone is what gives your tone the inspiration to solo. Are you on the search for scary good tone? Does your spine tingle at the thought...
  • Catalinbread Epoch Pre Amp Buffer Guitar Pedal
    Catalinbread Epoch Pre Amp Buffer Guitar Pedal
    The only Preamp Buffer you'll ever need.Our Epoch Pre was modeled after the exact preamp circuit from the original EP-3, from the 22v power supply to the JFET preamp, to the circuit loading contributed by the echo function...
  • Chase Bliss Condor EQ Filter Guitar Pedal
    Chase Bliss Condor EQ Filter Guitar Pedal
    SHIPPING !!  Take flight and discover new worlds of tone. Condor™ is an analog multi-effect that allows sophisticated control over a wide range of effects including EQ, overdrive, boost, tremolo and filter tones...
  • OKKO FX Power EQ Guitar Pedal
    OKKO FX Power EQ Guitar Pedal
    This is gonna be the new secret weapon in your rig. You need one. Everybody needs one. At least one. The POWER EQ is a 3-band equalizer (+/- 12dB) and a super versatile clean boost (+/- 20dB). This...
  • Diamond BoostEQ
    Diamond BoostEQ
    The Boost-EQ is a low-noise  discrete transistor based clean boost with an innovative EQ section. The EQ borrows the powerful tilt equalization control from the Diamond Compressor and adds a new midrange cut/boost...
  • Electro Harmonix Knockout
    Electro Harmonix Knockout
    The Knockout is a powerful two-filter combination that can make your Les Paul sound like a Strat and your Strat sound like a Tele. Its secret...the Knockout has a 7 pole filter for sculpting the low end of your mids and a 6...
  • Electro Harmonix Nano Steel Leather
    Electro Harmonix Nano Steel Leather
    The first adjustable attack expander that let's your bass cut through any live performances with presentation definition. Don't let your bass disappear in the performance make it a real part of the foundation.
  • Empress FX ParaEQ
    Empress FX ParaEQ
    The Empress ParaEq w/Boost is designed to be a simple device that does its job extremely well. We noticed that the EQ section of many instrument amplifiers offer a very limited range of control. We designed the Empress...
  • Plush Jersey Lightning
    Plush Jersey Lightning
    Hot on the heels of our "Jersey Thunder©" pedal for bassists, comes "Jersey Lightning©" designed for guitarists. Built to the same high standards of all Fuchs® pedals, Jersey Lightning© provides buffering,...

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