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  • Chase Bliss Condor EQ Filter Guitar Pedal
    Chase Bliss Condor EQ Filter Guitar Pedal
    SHIPPING !!  Take flight and discover new worlds of tone. Condor™ is an analog multi-effect that allows sophisticated control over a wide range of effects including EQ, overdrive, boost, tremolo and filter tones...
  • Plush Jersey Lightning
    Plush Jersey Lightning
    Hot on the heels of our "Jersey Thunder©" pedal for bassists, comes "Jersey Lightning©" designed for guitarists. Built to the same high standards of all Fuchs® pedals, Jersey Lightning© provides buffering,...
  • Empress FX ParaEQ
    Empress FX ParaEQ
    The Empress ParaEq w/Boost is designed to be a simple device that does its job extremely well. We noticed that the EQ section of many instrument amplifiers offer a very limited range of control. We designed the Empress...