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  • Eventide Rose Modulated Guitar Delay Pedal
    Eventide Rose Modulated Guitar Delay Pedal
    An unexplored garden of innovations for musicians will soon be available from Eventide's newest creation - The Rose:  a cascading bouquet of sounds in a sleek, stripped-down, small footprint effects pedal. The Rose...
  • Eventride H9 Max guitar pedal
    Eventride H9 Max guitar pedal
    The most powerful Eventide effect proccessor ever that generates tone and toys that are light years of anything on the planet !  An extensive delay with seven pedals rolled into one. Eventide has designed the H9 MAX...
  • Eventide ModFactor
    Eventide ModFactor
    The Eventide Modfactor features 10 modulation effects available in mono or stereo, including Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Polymod, TremoloPan, Undulator, Vibrato, Q-Wah, ModFilter and RingMod. With studio quality sound and...