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FoxRox Electronics

the FoxRox Electronics product line has grown from Captain Coconut, CC2, and TZF to the current lineup of Octron, Octron2, ZIM, Hot Silicon Fuzz, AquaVibe, CC Hybrid, Foxrox Wah Retrofit, and Festival Overdrive. And now the release of the Paradox TZF2 the return of the finest flanger ever made is once again available  The products may change, but the quality craftsmanship is always there. Foxrox pedals are produced by hand, use the best materials and quality check each one to bring you the kind of product you expect from Foxrox. They are proud that these standards have helped their products retain - and even increase - their value over time. 

  • The Festival Overdrive Guitar Pedal
    The Festival Overdrive Guitar Pedal
    The Festival Overdrive is a dual-mode overdrive. It features a master volume control and a boost channel with both gain and volume controls. There is a selectable clipping/compression circuit and two tone shaping...