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Mixer Pedals

  • DSM Loopster Blender/Booster Guitar Pedal
    DSM Loopster Blender/Booster Guitar Pedal
    The DSM Noisemaker LOOPSTER is a dual pedal that lets you expand the options available from any pedal you like, by giving the user TWO accessible Blend settings. And not only that, it allows you to boost your favorite...
  • Lehle Parallel L
    Lehle Parallel L
    The Lehle Parallel is a compact and versatile line mixer to meet demanding tonal standards. The Lehle Parallel mixes the signals from effect units into the original signal, either before the amp or inserted into its effects...
  • Lehle Little Lehle II
    Lehle Little Lehle II
    The Little Lehle II - the universal Lehle switching and looping tool. The Little Lehle II removes effect pedals from the signal path at the press of its button. A signal can be picked off at any point in the signal...