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  • Subdecay Starlight Quantum Flanger
    Subdecay Starlight Quantum Flanger
    The Flanger re-imagined.   From huge jet plane sweeps to swirly pitch vibrato the Starlight does everything a flanger should and more. This all analog bucket brigade based (MN3209) flanger adds the flexibility of...
    $199.00 $129.95
  • Subdecay Anamnesis Echo Modulated Delay
    Subdecay Anamnesis Echo Modulated Delay
    Introducing the Anamnesis Echo. Finally bringing a delay pedal back to our lineup. We took everything we learned from the old echobox and other delay units we have around the shop and used those experiences to create an...
    $179.00 $124.95
  • Subdecay Super Nova Drive
    Subdecay Super Nova Drive
    The Super Nova Drive is a fun little circuit we have been working on for a while. The concept is simple: an overdrive with a wide gain range coupled with a three band active EQ. Within Such a concept lies many potential...
    $159.00 $99.00
  • Subdecay Liquid Sunshine MK III
    Subdecay Liquid Sunshine MK III
    The updated Liquid Sunshine mkIII pays tribute to its roots with a remarkably similar character and better control. Your guitar and pickups will shine through on all settings. The mkIII is slightly more transparent than...
    $149.00 $99.00
  • Subdecay Blackstar with Girth
    Subdecay Blackstar with Girth
    The Blackstar with Girth is a total redesign of our high gain overdrive. While still the high gain little brother of the Liquid Sunshine in spirit, the design has been drastically changed for improved dynamics and less noise...
    $159.00 $99.00