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  • Tortuga Coral Adder
    Tortuga Coral Adder
    There's nothing like the "wall of tone" you get from a great, high gain British rock amp. From classic 70's crunch to the singing, violin-like leads of the 80's to the sludge and mass of cranked up amps in the 90's, the...
  • Tortuga Death Adder
    Tortuga Death Adder
    The Death Adder™ is truly a metal monster. It's not subtle, it's not apologetic, it just kills. Classic thrash metal, death metal and even stoner metal all can be had with the Death Adder™. Designed to have a...
  • Tortuga Single Malt Dual Vintage Delay
    Tortuga Single Malt Dual Vintage Delay
    The Single Malt™ provides both quality and quantity in one beautiful package. With Dual, foot-switchable rate controls, the Single Malt™ can act like both a small room echo and a long solo delay at the push of a...
  • Tortuga Sasquatch Silicon Fuzz
    Tortuga Sasquatch Silicon Fuzz
    The Sasquatch™ Silicon is different tweak on his Germanium brother. The Silicon transistors give it a more aggressive and tighter tone than the Germanium version. The Sasquatch™ Silicon also beautifully cuts...
  • Tortuga Werewolf Over-stortion
    Tortuga Werewolf Over-stortion
    With the Werewolf™, you won’t have to wait for a full moon to transform your tone. Capable of  anything from a clean boost to a blues overdrive and even a metal crunch, this monster truly has it all. With two completely...
  • Tortuga Rain Delay
    Tortuga Rain Delay
    The Rain Delay™ is a classic, digital echo and delay that will really get the crowd cheering. With dual, switchable rate controls, the Rain Delay™ can act like both a small room echo and a long solo delay at the push of a...
  • Tortuga Yeti Fuzz
    Tortuga Yeti Fuzz
    The YETI™ is a massive, tight sounding fuzz that’s almost a distortion, so we decided to call it a “fuzz-stortion”. Anything from that sloppy 70’s fuzz to a modern high gain “wall of tone” can be achieved with the YETI™...
  • Tortuga Standard Issue Phaser
    Tortuga Standard Issue Phaser
    The Standard Issue Phaser™ is based on the classic Phase 90®. It’s been modified to have a bit more slosh with less of that nasally, upper midrange that you would usually associate with a phaser effect. It also has two...
  • Tortuga Crazy Eight
    Tortuga Crazy Eight
    Previously known as the Hazy Fuzz Experience, the Crazy Eight™ is not for the faint of heart. It produces an octave up sound with a sort of ring modulator flavor and in this case, a ton of thick fuzz as well. It also has a...

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