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Zvex Pedals

Zvex the wonderful child of deranged tone meister Zack Vex which has produced some of the most original toneful guitar pedals ever created. The start was the wonderful insane Fuzz Factory that produces unique squelch feedback fuzz like nothing before or after it. As the company moved foward into octave, tremolo, wah, ring modulation, super hard on boost, looping etc their guitar pedals have produced such interesting new tone's that defy description. A few years ago the Vexter line was introduced to keep prices down but nothing beats the hand painted original design models. Zvex was the first and original "Art meets Tone" guitar pedal builder.

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  • Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky in a clear guitar pedal
    Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky in a clear guitar pedal
    Following hot on the heels of our latest release, the Fuzz Factory Clear, we now are offering the Instant Lo-fi Junky Clear. It has the same tough Hammond transparent Lexan case, and the same type of careful Faraday...
  • ZVex Vibraphrase
    ZVex Vibraphrase
    A few years ago ZVEX Effects released the Candela Vibrophase™, a candle-powered vibrato/phaser machined from solid brass and glass that used a mix of 1800s technology (a Sterling heat engine) and 60s/70s audio...
  • Zvex Vertical Fuzz Factory
    Zvex Vertical Fuzz Factory
    Now the vertical model allows you to route your pedalboard the modern space saving way ! The Vexter Fuzz Factory from ZVex is a 5-knob fuzz pedal with 2 old-stock '60s germanium transistors, and it comes in a USA-made...
  • Zvex '59 Sound Vertical Guitar Pedal
    Zvex '59 Sound Vertical Guitar Pedal
    The new Vertical style Zvex pedals now give you no excuse why not to get a Zvex pedal on board ! ZVEX Effects proudly introduces the newest member to our line, the ’59 Sound. It’s based on the legendary 1959...
  • Zvex Box of Rock Vertical Guitar Pedal
    Zvex Box of Rock Vertical Guitar Pedal
    Zvex has now gone to a Vertical style box for a more pedal board friendly layout. Now there is no excuse not to get a Zvex pedal and plug in. This Box of Rock™ simulates Zachary’s favorite amp turned up all the...
  • Zvex Fuzzolo Micro Guitar Pedal
    Zvex Fuzzolo Micro Guitar Pedal
    ZVEX Go Micro! The Fuzzolo brings you all those great fuzz tones without taking up too much room. This is a wonderfully thick, heavy, simple two knob fuzz. In true never-to-be-anticipated ZVEX style the two knobs aren't...
  • Zvex Channel 2
    Zvex Channel 2
    The Zvex Super Hard-On needs no introduction. Since going into production nearly 15 years ago, Zvex estimates that they’ve sold more than 10,000 “Crackle Okay” boosts worldwide. The Channel 2 is...
  • ZVex Super Seek Trem
    ZVex Super Seek Trem
    NOW SHIPPING ! The Seek-Trem is an eight-stage sequencer-controlled tremolo pedal. The controls are, from left to right, 4/8/6 step selector switch, speed (tempo), and 8 sequencer volume controls. All of the controls work...
  • ZVex Fat Fuzz Factory
    ZVex Fat Fuzz Factory
    The latest from Z.Vex brings you an oldie, The Fuzz Factory, but adds a new sub switch that opens up a whole new realm of bottom end that brings your guitar, and even bass, into some uncharted territory. The Fat Fuzz can...

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