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Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz is released


Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz Guitar Pedal is released - custom order version - color - plaque as they move towards a totally custom pedal experience. The Floyd Fuzz named after Pink Floyd and its Big Muff using iconic guitar player David Gilmour. You can order the pedal in Tri-Angle Big Muff or RAMs Head or Creamy Dream or Red Army or Russian version of the classic Big Muff design and sound. Look at the picture for design ideas !


Are We Playing The Pedals Or Are The Pedals Playing Us ?

Are We Playing The Pedals Or Are The Pedals Playing Us ? - Over the years I have seen comments on the internet "Ohh I don't use pedals" - "Ohhh I just need that one special pedal and I will find that tone" - "Ohhh I just love new pedals" - "Ohhh he suck's he uses [...]

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Tru-Fi UK Painted Version

Tru-Fi UK Flag Guitar Pedal Version - Trying to offer some custom paintwork models, we masked this up to see how it would look ? What do you guys think, the real models would be painted. But do you think its worth a run of 25 UK Flag Models....comments ? You could really order the [...]

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Tru-Fi to release Supa Fuzz and Zosa Fuzz Bakelite Version

Zosa and Supa Fuzz Bakelite Board Release - in about a week Tru-Fi will be releasing Zosa and Supa Fuzz's in special limited bakelite board models. True to the original version of these wonderful Fuzz pedals in the 1960s when they had bakelite circuit boards. This makes the Fuzz's so closer to original fuzz and [...]

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Tru-Fi Pedals Zosa and Supa Fuzz Guitar Pedal

Tru-Fi Pedals Zosa and Supa Fuzz Guitar Pedal - 5 years of working on these and they are finally underway. Tonebender and Marshall Supa Fuzz which is just a mild tweak of the Vox Tonebender that was produced in 1966 and used by Jimmy Page, Beck, Hendrix, you name a player and they used a [...]

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