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Boost Pedals

If you are looking to give your guitar more powerful gains without maxing out the volume or adding additional distortion, a boost pedal from Music Toyz is an excellent choice. Boost pedals are excellent pedal options, especially if you are already a fan of the tone you’re getting from your amp. Unlike distortion pedals, boost pedals send extra voltage to your amp to produce a fuller, louder sound. If you are searching for a stompbox that will help your leads stand out amongst a full band, check out the ever popular Xotic EP Booster or one of our best selling boost pedals, the Suhr Koko Boost. When it comes to finding the right boost pedal for your sound, Music Toyz has the answer with over eighty different boost pedals in our online store. Whether you prefer the boosting power of Fulltone, MXR Pedals, or are a fan of boutique guitar pedals from Keeley Electronics, we’ve got plenty of options to match your style of playing.

Since 1998, Music Toyz has had one goal in mind: inspire musicians to play music. With our excellent selection of boost pedals, tonal nirvana is closer than ever. Check out our extensive collection of boost pedals, and once you’ve selected your new guitar pedal, browse our selection of pedalboards!

  • Beetronics Buzzter Boost Preamp Guitar Pedal
    Beetronics Buzzter Boost Preamp Guitar Pedal
    The Buzzter is a boost/preamp with two output presets. For those times when you need more than just one step up, this pedal allows you to set 3 different stages levels, having your clean tone and two steps up from that. The...
  • Xotic Super Sweet Guitar Pedal
    Xotic Super Sweet Guitar Pedal
    The Super Sweet Boost (SSB) offers a dynamic and transparent +20dB clean boost perfectly tuned for transferring the articulation of your guitar playing. The SSB is incorporated with a high performance Class A preamp built...
  • MXR M292 Mini Booster Pedal
    MXR M292 Mini Booster Pedal
    For those in need of pedalboard real estate, the mini booster is a great new pedal from MXR to push your rig and open up your tone. Tiny but yet powerful the MXR Mini Booster give you all the tone all the power but half the...
  • Keeley D&M Drive Overdrive and Boost Guitar Pedal
    Keeley D&M Drive Overdrive and Boost Guitar Pedal
    The D&M Drive is the perfect storm of Drive and Boost.  The D&M offers a gorgeous sounding high voltage Boost side designed to impart the perfect tone on any amp that needs to be pushed.  No longer will you...
  • Xotic RC Booster Version 2 Booster
    Xotic RC Booster Version 2 Booster
    The RC Booster is just an incredible powerful boost in the fact you can truly sculpte your tone with the eq section like no other. Now it's even better and badder. The RC Booster V2, inspired by the Scott Henderson RCB-SH...
  • Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded
    Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded
    Amazing new "Reloaded" version of the classic Koko Boost pedal. Suhr have managed to cram in all the features of the original Koko boost and a whole lot more into one single pedal To do this Suhr decide to...
  • Xotic EP Booster
    Xotic EP Booster
    What do the tones of renowned guitarist such as Page, EVH and Johnson have in common? They all used the legendary echo machine EP-3 as a pre-amp. We've captured that magic in a new Xotic Effects pedal, the EP Booster. We've...
  • Rockett Pedals The Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost
    Rockett Pedals The Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost
    The Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost was designed to emulate one of Tim's favorite amps, the Naylor SD60.  This is a very smooth, warm, punchy drive made to really shine with with singing leads.  The Power Amp section...
    $259.00 $199.00
  • Tru-Fi Rangemaster Treble Booster
    Tru-Fi Rangemaster Treble Booster
    Take off the classic Rangemaster Treble Boost, used by Brian May of Queen, Sabbath and Deep Purple. The beauty of the Rangemaster is it takes a mild overdriven tube guitar amp and push's it into outer space for the classic...